Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Well, PDQ was permitted to return to school today. Although we need to keep checking for the damn bugs. I have taken more showers and washed my hands more in the last two days than I can ever remember and that's saying something because I am a bit of an obsessive hand washer any way. G-man went to Target at 8 last night and bought us all new pillows because none of them had gotten washed yet and the kids needed to go to bed. We were still trying to get our back-up comforter dry at 10PM, of course the new one I love--dry clean only so its sealed in a bag for a couple of weeks along with all of the talking, moving, half plastic stuffed toys.

After the discovery that PDQ wasn't the first kid at daycare to come down with it and there had been someone there for the last month with them the daycare provider closed to do her own sanitizing today. G-man is home finishing up the laundry, because it takes a lot of loads in super hot water and super high drying to get all of the bedding, clothes, stuffed animals, pillows, etc. clean in our house.

I made it to the gym this morning. I left later than I intended. For a change I really appreciated G-man's snoring, it made it impossible to go back to sleep and thus I did eventually get out of bed and head to the gym. With limited time I got on the elliptical that I like (it works different leg muscles depending on the ramp) and worked my butt off for half and hour, that's all the time I had. I flew through a shower to discover I had no brush, threw on clothes to discover the proper socks but no big girl shoes. But I made it to work before 8, with hand combed and dried hair, running shoes, and ready for the day. Thanks G-man for bringing me real shoes (he even sent me a picture asking if they were the right ones, they weren't and those make my heels bleed, guess I should throw them out).

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g-man said...

I do it cause I love you. :)