Monday, April 30, 2007

Time flies and other random thoughts

Yesterday was my 38th birthday. I have been pondering it and it hit me that when my mother was 38, I graduated from high school. I have a 3 year old. How times have changed. I went to a weekend retreat with the ladies from my church, there were 15 of us and it was really nice to not have to worry about anyone but myself. One of the ladies who is about my Mom's age asked if I would be her roommate and offered to drive us out there. She is a serious gardener and I enjoyed picking her brain, hearing her take on having a MIL for almost 50 years as well as being one, and learning the back story on a lot of people we know in common.
We read chapters from the book Bad Girls of the Bible in preparation for the weekend. Or at least we were supposed to, I was a bit of a bad girl myself and only did a quarter of the assignment. It generated a lot of laughs when our assignment was to do a "skit" representing one of the women. Each group did something different and thought provoking. About 4.5 hours of semi-serious theological discussion was all of the really planned religious experience the weekend included. We spent some time exploring Frederick, MD or hiking to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. I opted for the shopping and wine tasting over the hike given the fact it looked like it could (and did) rain at any moment. It was really good to connect/re-connect with people and just be away where no one was making demands of my time. I missed my girls and worried a bit about them and Gman as they ventured off to visit his sisters in Upstate NY.
When I got home yesterday afternoon I had time to kill before the family got home. I expected to be thrilled to have an empty house but it was lonely. I did manage to head out to the garden center that my roommate talked up this weekend and get some great plants, just being there lifted my spirits. I was about halfway through planting when I remembered the Silpada jewelry party I'd promised to attend! I washed my face, put on some deodorant, washed off my muddy feet and threw on some clothes and headed out, only an hour late. A good glass of sangria and a bit lighter in the wallet I headed home to see my kiddos. I almost had a meltdown when Gman told the neighbor we'd head over and help him eat Chinese food that the caterer for his daughter's engagement party seriously over delivered. I really just wanted my family since I hadn't seen them in days AND it was my birthday. Yes, I can be an overgrown child! He went over, brought home some Chinese for later and we had dinner and Italian ice and enjoyed being with each other.
In future MILF news I didn't even get weighed. I have been ignoring the diet the last couple of weeks so I need to get back to it this week. I've done reasonably well keeping up with the exercise.
I need to post pictures of what I planted and all the cool stuff coming up in my yard--being in a house the first Spring is an exciting thing! The weather is apparently perfect for growing, things that were barely showing last week are a foot high, it seems like you could WATCH them grow! My next door cube neighbor says she planted too many seeds and has promised to share--I can't wait.


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Happy Birthday. You look faboo.

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Happy birthday! Glad your retreat was fun!

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2. Tell me more about that book.

3. Tell me more about your skits from that book.

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Happy Birthday!!