Friday, August 31, 2007

Blog Blast Make a Move on Me (WIN FREE SHOES!) Featuring my dancing queens

Over at Parent Bloggers Network we are celebrating all our little dancers for a chance to win shoes. I mean, reeeeeeeeeeeeally, who doesn't LOVE free shoes. Post pictures of your dancer and a name for their moves and then e-mail your info over to You'll be entered to win up to four pairs of sponsor Stride Rite's shoes. Why the dancing, its all about disco, baby. Actually its Baby Loves Disco a cool weekend activity for families currently in 18 cities. You can check out PBN member experiences with Baby Loves Disco over here. The Best Little Dancer in America contest supports Alex's Lemonade stand a children's cancer charity. If you live in or near one of the 12 stops on the audition tour, check it out!

Here are my dancing queens, doing what they do best. When Mommy leaves Daddy blasts the stereo and it is DANCE PARTY time. We don't know where PDQ learned her pole dancer moves but were pretty surprised the first time she did them in front of the entire church! We like to call the whole routine, dance party groove.

In other, non-dancing news. The campaign for MILF-ness is back on! Check out Mom-0-matic the queen of the MILFs and her latest progress. This week I committed to doing the Ryka Iron Girl Triathlon next summer. In order to do that, training and eating better are on the agenda. Since Monday I've lost 3.2 pounds! I walked 7.7 miles and put in 15.77 miles on the bike. Tomorrow morning I get to go back to the gym for cycling class with Esmerelda and just hope the kick butt teacher is back from his trip to South Africa! This weekend is Boobah's birthday party and I ordered the smallest cake I could get away with so I don't have leftovers haunting me throughout the holiday weekend.

If you like gross, go check out the discovery behind the dashboard in our new car over at ManOverboard!

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