Saturday, December 30, 2006

I Want A Bath!

One of my very favorite things at the end of the day it to soak in a hot bath with bubbles or salts or most anything that smells good and read a good book or catch up on my magazines. I got into the habit when I was a residence hall director and that was the only place I could hide from my students! Since the surgery I can't take a bath for a week and I miss it. Now that my gallbladder is no more I am looking forward to enjoying my nightly soak with a glass of wine and not worrying what it will do to me. PDQ and Boobah like to intrude, I mean join me, but since the house didn't come with a big tub the three of us have outgrown that adventure.

I ventured out today--ice skating lessons, lunch at Panera, and a solo trip to the grocery store. PDQ did great at skating lessons today, she passed Basic 4 although her instructor suggested she take it over again to perfect a few things. She has my gracefulness and while she can technically do all the things she is supposed to do at times it is just not pretty! Poor kid. She did do a spin today and the look of unbridled joy on her face was priceless! Then there was her outfit, grandma got her these pants with embroidered ice skates, who wouldn't do a better job in those? Hopefully g-man and I can get her to the rink more to practice this winter. G-man is brave enough to get up on skates, me, not so much even before I broke my ankle, now no freaking way!

After the big morning of skating and lunch I came home and laid down, I was beat. Neither G-man nor I have slept for the last week and its making up both bitchy. I decided I was getting a nap one way or another. G-man took the girls out to the store to get hooch to stock the bar and I took a Percocet. Ahh, drug induced sleep. I feel asleep to Moving Up and woke up to Flip that house...hopefully so remodeling mojo sunk in while I snoozed. Pray that the nap doesn't mean I don't sleep tonight, if we don't sleep tonight things could get ugly!


Builder Mama said...

Percocet = Good.

Esmerelda said...

I was lucky enough to catch that look of unbridled joy--- and it was priceless.

She'll be fabulous 'cause she's your daughter and nothing's going to stop her.

Perhaps we can have a skating exchange program, whereby you take the little people and I can take the big people skating.