Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye Old Year, Goodbye Old Window Treatments

I had a dermatologist appointment today to get the once over, lots of people in my family have had close encounters with skin cancer. She tells me its unlikely I will get it because my cumulative sun exposure is minimized by the fact I burn like crazy and am smart enough to get out of the sun! My eczema did lead to a bunch of flat warts on the back of my knees (I know, seriously gross) so she took the time to freeze all those puppies off. One or two wouldn't have been so bad but I must have had 20 on the back of one knee--can you say OUCH! The girls were with me so I couldn't' even curse. In addition I left with, no kidding, FOUR prescriptions despite the fact she kept reassuring me I had great skin, BUT as fair as I am I should start using this on my face and oh, that will help with your rough heals, oh, try this for the eczema and I don't even know what the fourth one was for. This lady is really nice and can talk faster than anyone I've ever met! Oddly the girls got stickers and lollipops for being good--I got nothing more than a sample or two :( To top it off I lost one of my new, favorite earrings, serious bummer.

So, since we were already halfway to Annapolis I decided I'd do a drive-by of the Country Curtains store. Although I wouldn't label my style anything close to "country" I do like a lot of their window treatments paired with something more contemporary! Thank goodness for the Garmin, it got me there and back without any trouble (although we couldn't find parking at the mall for a lunch adventure). So finally, the lace blinds in the dining room (above) will be banished forever (the walls in that room did get painted as well, a gold color). I was pretty disappointed they weren't in stock at the store and had to be ordered so I have to pay shipping, even after driving over there, and I have to wait--both things I hate! I found great new treatments for our plain Jane kitchen as well. I'd show you a picture but they were labeled "TEST" in the store and I can't seem to find a picture online--guess I'll have to appeal to Gman for a picture or imagine, take one myself!

By then the girls were worn out and HUNGRY and had to pee--the trifecta for bad behavior. We headed to the mall--no parking places to be found and enough close calls with teenage drivers to head home post haste. I got the girls to forgo the usual McDonald's or Chick-Fil-A for a "special girls lunch" at Mimi's Cafe. We all enjoyed lunch, there is something to be said for not feeding them until 1:30, they actually eat what you put in front of them without any arguments. The blue cheese walnut salad was awesome although really heavy on the blue for my taste so I left a large pile behind. After fueling it was off to Lowe's for the window hardware. I ended up with some valances and new rods for the girls as well as what I needed to hang my new curtains. I finished off the day by ordering the girls some faux wood blinds (JCPenney is having a sale and FREE shipping!) and some cheap sheers. As I remember I get the redecorating bug this time every year--last year it was re-doing the girls' bathroom while recovering from surgery.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

How could it really be only 8 o'clock? It seems like we poured a whole lot of living into today! The girls managed to sleep until 7:30 (bless them!). There was much excitement from PDQ over the Nintendo DS Lite and Hannah Montana game and equal excitement over Baby Alive and her "kid iPod" from Boobah. I am still in shock that Baby Alive is still around, now she talks but she still eats nasty stuff and poops just like 30 years ago. Gman has spent much of the day playing with his new iPod Touch. Given that I couldn't get over that he wanted ANOTHER iPod, I must admit its really freaking cool. Booba has spent the whole day with the head phones on listening to musical stylings from I Wanna Rock to I Been Workin' on the Railroad.

The present we thought they'd be head over heels about--the Wii that I managed to snag without much fanfare back in October. I got a third hand e-mail that Best Buy had 25 of them and drove over in the middle of a work day in the rain to pick it up. I even considered changing the time of a meeting to do it. The warming up might have been slow but the game has been on and everyone from age 40 to 4 has spent time in front of the TV bowling or boxing. The six of us spent a peaceful day together enjoying each others company, which at times over the past 9+ years was hard to imagine. Other than trying to wrestle the sleep deprived 4 y.o. into submission there hasn't been a cross word uttered all day.

We spent time with friends this evening. Every year they have a big Christmas party Christmas afternoon. The first time we were invited was 7 years ago, I was pregnant with PDQ, had just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, Gman was working and it was the first Christmas I was away from my family. These people are truly the family we got to pick. The famed Mr. Don has the kids play the chimes (of the metal pipes played with nails variety) and sometimes the tune might even be recognizable! One of the men plays Santa, he tells us a story or two and then gives out the gifts we've picked for each other after drawing names out of a hat. I got two of my favorite people and spent much of the last two days putting together their gifts and was so relieved when they seemed to be happy recipients.

I feel truly blessed this Christmas to be with my family--by birth and by choice. What a great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, the light of the world. Tomorrow the girls and I head off to spend time with my family in the Buckeye state while Gman and The Pouter (although I must say he's not been pouty in awhile) stay here and O.D. on Wii games. I'll let you know how the trip soloing with the girls goes--I haven't done it in a long and I'm not sure I've done it all with the two of them. I know I haven't been involved in the driving on any of the trips, I just don't like to do it and Gman obliges me (like always, he'd tell you).

So, to you and yours, Merry Christmas and good night.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh its a redneck, crabby Christmas

From the best of the non-traditional Christmas songs, here you go...

For my redneck friends:

For all those crabby Marylanders:

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The countdown

According the PDQ there are only 11 more days until new years. I guess she got sick of counting down the days until Christmas so we've moved on to higher math.

The week started with a visit from Santa at the house next door. The local volunteer fireman apparently spent the off-season pimpin' the big guy a new ride.

It was really, really windy that night and poor Boobah was determined to sit on Santa's lap so we waited in line...and waited and waited and waited. Her eyes were tearing from the wind and she was gripping a card she'd made the day before complete with a picture from last year glued inside to give to Santa. Of course when we got up there (yes she made me go too) she hid her head and didn't want to say much. Gman did get off one shot where we are looking at the camera (aren't *I* lovely?)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Back to the exercise grind

I didn't mean to take too much time off, really I didn't. First it was the stomach bug/food poisoning. I could barely get out of bed and I could only tolerate Gatorade and crackers and spent all my "running" time between the bed and bathroom. I did manage a run or two between then and Thanksgiving but I was off my game. Then it was sore knee & hit and a trip to Houston that left me with a head that felt like it was filled with lead. Holding it upright was all the effort I could expend.

Wednesday afternoon I decided enough was enough. I signed up to go to the noon spinning class. Immediately I remembered how hard it is to get back into the swing of things. I also remembered that not only was the time of this class a hassle but the woman who teaches it a bit of a drill Sargent. This IS a SIXTY MINUTE HIGH INTENSITY CLASS. If you need to stop early to get back to work, I feel sorry for you, but its your workout. Gheesh. I did manage to slug through the class. My knee feels better, my hip is sore but no worse than when I've done nothing. I got through 50 min and then had to get ready to go back to work.

Today I hit the road again to run. Its 35 out, I did pretty well getting the gear right on top. I ran a little, walked a little to get warmed up. I did manage to get a good 12 minutes of straight running in at the end once I was warm. I didn't enjoy it, I really need to find somewhere flat to run until I am in better condition. I was also amazed at the number of people out driving around in my neighborhood on a cold Saturday afternoon--probably all out for toilet paper and milk, there is a storm coming and it IS Maryland (bunch of winter wussies).

Tomorrow morning its back to Homer and the cycling class. Yesterday I signed up for the tri training class. The fun and games start on Jan. 22. Saturday morning running and biking, Thursday, very, very early swimming.

The rest of the agenda for today--I need to finish my Buckeye candy, make some cookies, put together an angel skirt for the pageant, make sure Gman finished up the manger, get a haircut and work on the cards. Is December over yet??

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Need a gift idea?

Slip on over to Maven Says and check-out the cool Spark Talking Microscope from the Discovery Store that I had a chance to review for Parent Bloggers. Both girls and all their friends love this baby. Boobah's preschool even uses it as part of their science curriculum!

What cool toys are on the list around your house this season?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ah, the love expressed only as 4 year olds can

Boobah's Teacher: Has Boobah told you about G?
Me: No
BT: Oh, you should ask her

Last night in the tub

Me: Boobah, is there a new boy in your class
B: Yes, his name is Gavin and we got to be friends really fast
Me: So what kinds of things do you do
B: Well, I call him trash bag and he calls me poopy
Me: That's not very nice
B: We laugh when we say it (she says with a big sparkly eyed grin)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Its all fun and games until the police show up

I know I've been all but absent lately. The trip to Houston apparently stirred up my allergies which then made my sinuses feel like they might implode. Add that to all of the other fun and games that December brings and there has barely been time to think.

Tonight I went to the neighborhood ladies meeting. The lady across the street drove. We were there about 20 minutes when the phone rang and someone asked for Heather. The new lady presumed it must be for her and I figured my husband had NO idea where I was (and I was right). She came back, butchered my name and said it was the police. Needless to say I was more than a little freaked out.

I took the phone, it was the 911 dispatcher. They had received a call from my cell phone and it sounded like there was a heated discussion in the background so they were trying to verify that I was okay. Okay, it takes me about 5 minutes to work through all the menus to make a call so I can't imagine how the phone in my purse managed to call 911. She said they traced it through Verizon and then my company and managed to find me. She said that there would be an officer out shortly to confirm that I was okay. I sit back down and 2 minutes later Gman is on the phone, sounding slightly worried. I assured him I was fine. 2 minutes after that it was the cute policeman at the door with a big smile on his face. All the ladies waved at him and he shook his head and left.

Of course everyone got a good laugh out of the ruckus we were creating. There were at least 30 women there tonight, eating, drinking and talking which apparently comes through as a domestic disturbance on the cell phone. Later the neighbor noticed she had a missed call. Her daughter answered the phone and giggled. Apparently my husband gave the police their number and told them we were together. When the police got her husband on the phone and they told him it sounded like we were fighting his response--"oh, I thought they were done discussing the bylaws."

I am guessing the dispatchers are having a good laugh on us tonight. Now I've got to figure out how the heck my phone in my purse managed to dial 911.

Perhaps if I were more diligent about using the Family Matters Day Runner products and actually listing where I'd be, my husband wouldn't have to send the police to the neighbors to find me! Check out my review for Parent Bloggers over at Maven Says.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Next week she'll be driving the car

Last night we were sitting at dinner at church. Boobah was at the table next to me with the other 4 years old and a couple of adults and I could see they were all watching her. I turned around and she was completely engrossed in her shoe, soon she looked up. I mouthed to our friend did she tie that? She nodded yes. (This is the same friend who informed me last week that Boobah was correcting her own grammar)

I went over and looked at the shoe--double knotted.

I asked where she learned that--Abby taught me.

She just turned 4 and I've been agonizing over the Kindergarten thing since she misses the cutoff by just two days. Am I pushing her? Will she be behind if they take her?

Looks like she has her own agenda on doing what she wants, when she wants.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sucked into the vortex that is December

Wow, the month started off with a bang with my trip to Houston and now the snowball has started its descent down a serious hill. My dear, sweet husband and the kids set-up the Christmas tree while I was gone so we could decorate it when I got home. Really, I couldn't complain, it was so sweet but really all I wanted to do was get things ready for the start of a new week. You know there is no way to put the kids off once the tree has been staring them in the face for two days. Then it was family pictures with the whole gang (all 6 of us, cleaned up and smiling) for the church directory. Boobah needed new shoes because her feet have grown at an astounding rate (if she is anything like a puppy we are in for a 6-footer!).

So, the saga of the wedding weekend and pictures are forthcoming, even if I am a little slow. I don't know if it was the plane rides or the dust from the Christmas stuff but my head nose is running and my head hurts.

So, in the absence of anything worth reading here, check out my review of Jump Start World 1st Grade for Parent Bloggers over at Maven Says.