Saturday, January 27, 2007


Three fateful weeks ago I decided I couldn't handle looking at this any longer. I wanted the girls to have a cool bathroom where stepsons' burgeoning masculinity wouldn't be insulted. Chris and Gretchen write about their household redecorating triumphs and make it sound easy.

I figured it was original to the house which made it about 17 years old. 17 years in a small windowless bathroom, the stuff should be a snap to get off. NO! NO! NO! I scraped, I used Diff, finally I found the paper tiger and got most of the top layer off. Then on the advice of one of the neighbors I used a strong dish detergent to water mixture and covered the walls and scraped some more. Finally after about 3 more hours last night I got the last bits of wallpaper and glue off the walls...or so I thought.

This morning I went through one more time and scrubbed the walls. I'd occasionally find another small spot of paper or glue and I'd get the scraper and go to it. I did one final wipe down of all the walls with clear water to get the glue and soap residue off. I was so proud of myself, much more thorough than I usually am before slapping paint on the walls. I even managed to tape off the tub, baseboards and ceiling. This time I was doing it right. WRONG.
As soon as I raised my first rollerfull of aqua paint I could see it, a spot of glue and another and another. I really wanted to put my head down on the top of the ladder and cry. Instead I scraped off the paint and the glue and went on another expedition to find the last darned spots. I found a few more and even more as I countinued to paint. The first coat is done except for behind the toilet. I need DH to get that badboy out of there so I can finish up.

Of course this morning his nightmare came true, I said you know, since we already...which always puts him on high alert for "I'm not going to like this." Well, since we are already going to pull out the toilet should we replace the floor? What about the vanity? He said, I knew this was coming. So I guess this afternoon we'll take a trip to Home Depot or Lowe's to find the requisite accessories. And did I mention there was a mirror that took up one entire wall that has disposed of?
All of that so I could put up this funky shower curtain. Please let one coat of paint be enough. Please, let me think twice before deciding to take down any more wallpaper.


Builder Mama said...

Wallpaper is something invented by Satan. Period.

Our first house literally had it everywhere - and it was hideous, little old lady wallpaper. We scraped and Dif'd and Paper Tigered that poor place to death, and I swore that I would never EVER wallpaper a house because removing it is somewhat like having every hair on your body plucked one at a time.

Love that shower curtain, though...I can totally see why you were inspired!

joansy said...

Sorry H, if there is any more of that wallpaper anywhere in your house - even if it's in the closets or the attic - he has to go, go, go. I love that shower curtain and can't wait to see the pics of the finished product.

Esmerelda said...

Wallpaper sucks. Builders who put up wallpaper with extra glue should be shot. Remember the grass wallpaper in our old house? Note, new house may have white walls, but there isn't any wallpaper.

TxGambit said...

I hate wallpaper. Like Builder Mama said.... it was invented by Satan!

I took down wallpaper in that house we had before moving to Fargo. It was horrible!!!! But, I did it gosh darn!

I love that shower curtain! I almost did K's room like that as a matter of fact.

Have fun with the project.

Gretchen said...

Kilz the wall before painting...

Be sure and post pictures!