Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weigh In Week 1, Take 2

Today I weighed in at WW and was down .8 pounds. That is certainly better than gaining weight but still a downer. I have really picked up the workouts getting ready for triathlon torture, er I mean training class. To be basically be maintaining is really ticking me off, I managed to do that this time last year and I was eating whatever, whenever. One theory is that I am not eating enough. Buildermama turned me on to the Livestrong site today. You can track your food there much like Weight Watchers but at least for me I get about 25% more calories and that is without adding in my exercise. Given all of that, next week I am going to not spend any time hungry, I am going to eat more!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Leg, what have I done?!

I have a sore leg. Its achy. Its annoying. Nothing seems to make it better or worse for that matter. Different times, different parts of the leg bother me more than others. Yesterday I had a little Mr. Don treatment, last night stunk but today seems to be better. Let's see what happens as the week (and getting back to serious training) continues.

I started back to Weight Watchers last week. Tomorrow is my weigh-in and its not looking so good. I feel good, I think I look thinner but the scale just isn't telling the tale. Its muscle, right?!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Come on, show yourself

Its National Delurking Day so please, show yourself, leave a comment!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

These are a few of my favorite new things...

For Christmas I got a variety of new triathlon/running/biking/swimming gadgets to my delight. I thought I'd take this chance to give them a run down for all my gadget loving friends.

The one I've been looking most forward to using is my Finis SwiMP3 player. Swimming laps makes me CRAZY, not that its a real reach but I just get bored, lost in the counting of how many times I've gone up and and down the pool. Any possible distraction and I am SO on it! This nifty little waterproof MP# player uses the bones of the face to conduct sound. Nothing to stick in your ears and try to keep it there, they slide right onto the goggles. I have to say my first try was a little bummed because it wasn't very loud and if I blew too many bubbles the sound was drowned out. I came home to find out that I needed to be holding the volume/skip button instead of just touching it. I will give that a try the next time I go to the pool. They were definitely comfortable, the sound was clear it just wasn't loud.

GeekGirl over at Athena Diaries has been touting the wonders of the Injinji toe sock and as much as I wanted to give them a try I hate ordering things and having the shipping be as much as the purchase. My solution, tell my sister to buy them for me for Christmas! The first time I put them on I wondered what I had done. Its a little weird having something between all of your toes. Once I had them on and hit the road though I was in love. I have been having some foot issues and it seems like having my toes apart just a little bit helps. I don't think they'd be a good tri choice as it takes me a looooooooong time to get them on and they are a bit thick to wear in my cycling shoes.

Finally, Gman got me two Spinervals DVDs to keep me entertained during the winter while I am on the bike trainer. I am a bit, fat, wussie when it comes to riding outside in the cold but riding inside on the trainer is B-O-R-I-N-G (yes ALL in caps!). I also get lazy and don't keep my cadence up or wimp out on the resistance. The two DVDs he got for me, Autumn Training Ride and Lake Placid, are from the Virtual Reality series. You follow on Coach Troy's back wheel as he rides through the countryside. I did the entire autumn ride which was filmed in Baltimore County, I did the first section of the Lake Placid DVD--the whole thing, 56 miles and just under 3 hours. Even with Coach Troy I don't know that I can stay in the saddle that long inside.

So, that is the best of my triathlon booty from the recent holiday season. Now there is just no excuse not to get out and ride, run and swim. So far, so good this year. Given the weather and my distaste for the treadmill I scour the weather reports to try and figure out the best days for an outdoor run.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Recovering from Chaos

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year is total chaos. Everyone tries to fit in a "special" holiday version of meetings, there are lunches, brunches, cocktail hours and dinners to attend. At church there are special services, choir for the kids, the pageant and decorating. And those are just the things outside the house. Inside we are hauling the decorations out of the garage, hanging the lights and making sure that the prized holiday decorations are on display for their maximum exposure before they head back into their 11 month hiding spots. Its always a little sad to put the decorations away and say goodbye to the holiday season but having a method to the madness helps.

In our current house we are blessed with the Christmas corner of the garage. There is a little cubby space just wide enough for the boxes of Christmas paraphernalia and the tree right inside the garage door. The previous owners even made a base so things that get stacked there are off the floor. After spending much time wrapping the lights onto the branches from the trunk out to the tips I was loathe to take the tree apart. my dear husband managed a set-up that would allow us to box up the tree with the lights on and store it away for the summer. Things like that are just one of the many things that make me love him. Also in our streamlining frenzy last year I threw out extraneous stuff, reduced the total number of boxes and carefully labelled those we kept. It made getting it out and putting it back to rest much easier for this year. I actually had most of the work done in the matter of an hour--even with the help of the children!

On the outside front Gman is a big fan of the heavy duty winders for extension cords to wind up the light tubes and some of the other lights. Next year we need to do a lighting overhaul and make sure that everything is working or gets thrown out and gets put away with labels.

So my chaos-recovery strategy--eliminate, label and relax!

Still not packed up from your holiday chaos? Check out other posts at the Parent Bloggers site to see advice from other experts. The folks at SC Johnson might have some products to help you out as well. Their site can help you find solutions.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Looking Into the Crystal Ball for 2009

If only it were as easy as looking in the crystal ball to see what the year has in store!

Weight goal, 60 pounds by the end of the year, 5 pounds a month, definitely doable (I've done it before and vowed never to have to do it again). Back to Weight Watchers I go.

Exercise goal, finish the Country Music Half Marathon, April 25 with my sister Jennifer. Then on to tri season and the Tri to Win Sprint Triathlon, Iron Girl and at least one other triathlon (maybe an Olympic distance?!).

Money goal, with Gman dig ourselves out of our credit card debt, at least halfway.

You notice I never used the R-word, resolution, these are my goals for the year--measurable and I hope attainable.

Run #1 down today.