Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weigh In Week 1, Take 2

Today I weighed in at WW and was down .8 pounds. That is certainly better than gaining weight but still a downer. I have really picked up the workouts getting ready for triathlon torture, er I mean training class. To be basically be maintaining is really ticking me off, I managed to do that this time last year and I was eating whatever, whenever. One theory is that I am not eating enough. Buildermama turned me on to the Livestrong site today. You can track your food there much like Weight Watchers but at least for me I get about 25% more calories and that is without adding in my exercise. Given all of that, next week I am going to not spend any time hungry, I am going to eat more!


Tree said...

I do think there is a bit of sense to the "not eating enough" but the correlary is "not eating the 'right' stuff" for me!

My big thing is to drink more water and to make good choices in the early part of the day.

Good luck & good job, MM!

dhimas130184 said...

good tips, its soo helpful for me

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Hey there - tell me what you like about the Daily Plate. Shoot me an email. Also, I have a spreadsheet for calculating points if you want one.