Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Leg, what have I done?!

I have a sore leg. Its achy. Its annoying. Nothing seems to make it better or worse for that matter. Different times, different parts of the leg bother me more than others. Yesterday I had a little Mr. Don treatment, last night stunk but today seems to be better. Let's see what happens as the week (and getting back to serious training) continues.

I started back to Weight Watchers last week. Tomorrow is my weigh-in and its not looking so good. I feel good, I think I look thinner but the scale just isn't telling the tale. Its muscle, right?!


g-man said...

I have noticed you are looking a little thinner in your face. :)

Esmerelda said...

I think you look thinner in your thighs. But I told you that.

Crap. I was hoping you'd be better. Did you try aspercreme? Training is Sunday!! Bleh.

MamaMaven said...

I didn't go for the aspercreme, need to do that. I also have some arnica cream somewhere. I know, count down to torture has begun!