Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sucked into the vortex that is December

Wow, the month started off with a bang with my trip to Houston and now the snowball has started its descent down a serious hill. My dear, sweet husband and the kids set-up the Christmas tree while I was gone so we could decorate it when I got home. Really, I couldn't complain, it was so sweet but really all I wanted to do was get things ready for the start of a new week. You know there is no way to put the kids off once the tree has been staring them in the face for two days. Then it was family pictures with the whole gang (all 6 of us, cleaned up and smiling) for the church directory. Boobah needed new shoes because her feet have grown at an astounding rate (if she is anything like a puppy we are in for a 6-footer!).

So, the saga of the wedding weekend and pictures are forthcoming, even if I am a little slow. I don't know if it was the plane rides or the dust from the Christmas stuff but my head nose is running and my head hurts.

So, in the absence of anything worth reading here, check out my review of Jump Start World 1st Grade for Parent Bloggers over at Maven Says.

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