Monday, December 10, 2007

Its all fun and games until the police show up

I know I've been all but absent lately. The trip to Houston apparently stirred up my allergies which then made my sinuses feel like they might implode. Add that to all of the other fun and games that December brings and there has barely been time to think.

Tonight I went to the neighborhood ladies meeting. The lady across the street drove. We were there about 20 minutes when the phone rang and someone asked for Heather. The new lady presumed it must be for her and I figured my husband had NO idea where I was (and I was right). She came back, butchered my name and said it was the police. Needless to say I was more than a little freaked out.

I took the phone, it was the 911 dispatcher. They had received a call from my cell phone and it sounded like there was a heated discussion in the background so they were trying to verify that I was okay. Okay, it takes me about 5 minutes to work through all the menus to make a call so I can't imagine how the phone in my purse managed to call 911. She said they traced it through Verizon and then my company and managed to find me. She said that there would be an officer out shortly to confirm that I was okay. I sit back down and 2 minutes later Gman is on the phone, sounding slightly worried. I assured him I was fine. 2 minutes after that it was the cute policeman at the door with a big smile on his face. All the ladies waved at him and he shook his head and left.

Of course everyone got a good laugh out of the ruckus we were creating. There were at least 30 women there tonight, eating, drinking and talking which apparently comes through as a domestic disturbance on the cell phone. Later the neighbor noticed she had a missed call. Her daughter answered the phone and giggled. Apparently my husband gave the police their number and told them we were together. When the police got her husband on the phone and they told him it sounded like we were fighting his response--"oh, I thought they were done discussing the bylaws."

I am guessing the dispatchers are having a good laugh on us tonight. Now I've got to figure out how the heck my phone in my purse managed to dial 911.

Perhaps if I were more diligent about using the Family Matters Day Runner products and actually listing where I'd be, my husband wouldn't have to send the police to the neighbors to find me! Check out my review for Parent Bloggers over at Maven Says.

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Liz said...

Dang, when you told me that you had some occasionally heated discussions at those meetings about the bylaws, I had no idea!

J/K, although I had to chuckle because my phone at times seems to have a total mind of its own.