Thursday, December 20, 2007

The countdown

According the PDQ there are only 11 more days until new years. I guess she got sick of counting down the days until Christmas so we've moved on to higher math.

The week started with a visit from Santa at the house next door. The local volunteer fireman apparently spent the off-season pimpin' the big guy a new ride.

It was really, really windy that night and poor Boobah was determined to sit on Santa's lap so we waited in line...and waited and waited and waited. Her eyes were tearing from the wind and she was gripping a card she'd made the day before complete with a picture from last year glued inside to give to Santa. Of course when we got up there (yes she made me go too) she hid her head and didn't want to say much. Gman did get off one shot where we are looking at the camera (aren't *I* lovely?)


g-man said...

Yes you are!

P.s. my word verification thing to comment is a raspberry. :) tbtbtht

Esmerelda said...


Builder Mama said...

Man, you are a good sport. What a cutie she is! And you ain't lookin' so bad either.