Thursday, December 28, 2006

Startin' Something

It seems that everyone I know has a blog, I read them faithfully and keep up with friends from real life, my PIMs (psycho internet mommies) and other assorted people I feel like I know from reading their blogs. Why start now? This week I am at home recovering from having my gallbladder removed so I have WAY more time on my hands hands than usual. Anyway, all that time to both read what others have to say and think about what I might want to say have made me decide its time to begin a blog of my own. My husband does it, my friends read it, somehow I feel like I need equal time, or people need my perspective on our lives. Its an interesting transition coming out of the comments and actually being the instigator for a change.

I've spent most of the week in a drug induced haze, sitting in bed listening to the TV, knitting on my new looms (thanks esmerelda!) and playing mindless internet games. My parents came from Ohio to help out and friends have pitched in to take Princess Drama Queen (PDQ) to skating lessons to leave me with no one depending on me. Boobah has stalked my mother all over the house while she cleans everything that doesn't move. There was a time that would have really bothered me, why wasn't my own cleaning good enough for her? I am over it now--mom, feel free to clean away!

Here is Boobah's take on my surgery, as overheard this evening...Mama went to the hospital, the doctor gave her special medicine so she could go to sleep. He took out her gallbladder and then he sowed her back up and gave her booboos. Then she came home and we have to be very careful because she has owies. Not bad for a 3 year old. I'd been having pain for over a year but never bad enough to make me have anything done about it. In the back of my mind was our secretary who went in to have it done 5-6 years ago and ended up dying. I know there were other circumstances but still, enough to make me pause and think maybe it wasn't so bad. According to DH the surgeon said its a good thing I had it done, I had enough big stone that had it been an emergency situation they would have caused problems. In fact he sent me home with 3 of them in a specimen cup and lots of pictures. I assume that means I qualified as a teaching case and there will be medical students checking out my giant gallstones and my nice healthy looking liver.

So, welcome, thanks for reading and I'll look forward to hearing from you.


Woozy Woo said...

Can I borrow your mom? I need a dose of someone who will clean anything that moves. LOL!
(oh, that's right you gave it to me for CHRISTMAS! You are the bestest friend EVER!)

g-man said...

Welcome to the blogger world, can I get you anything?

Builder Mama said...

Welcome to the dark side, my friend!

mothergoosemouse said...

Very cool! I'm so glad you're blogging too - that is awesome!

Tree said...

I had no idea you had your gallbladder removed! I have known a few people who have had it removed, including my mom, and it seems so innocuous, but is really quite difficult recovery.

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Welcome to the blogger world!