Saturday, January 13, 2007


Okay, I will admit it, I've become a bit of a snob. Last night was a reintroduction to my good old Midwestern roots--I went to support a friends Mothers of Multiples group and play bingo. I haven't played bingo in probably 15 years (unless you could Hanukkah bingo with PDQs Kindergarten class). I do believe the last time was on a cruise ship with my mother and sister somewhere in the Carribean. Before that it was at the neighborhood ice cream social with my grandmother.

Last night I was obviously out of my element. The Ravens are in the playoffs this weekend and play the Colts, the team who in 1984 pulled out of town in the middle of the night. I really have little sympathy, I grew up a Browns fan and where did the Ravens come from, Art Modell pulled them out of Cleveland (can you tell I've heard enough Colts whining this week?!) Okay, back to my point, all week they'd been encouraging people to wear purple, I was in the vast minority in the room without a stitch of purple. We were also under prepared--many of the women had fancy bags to carry their bingo daubers. We had purchased on a piece at the door. They had characters on them, we had a long discussion about where exactly it is that you buy a bingo dauber. We bought food at the snack bar, they brought elaborate snacks in fancy baskets--obviously this was their world and we were visitors. They played as many as 8 strips of cards at a time, we could barely keep up with 2 (I opted for one except for the ones with a really good prize!).

I think I had as much fun watching the Baltimore hons play bingo as I did the thrill that I might win something, anything. There were some great Longaberger basket, Pampered Chef and Southern Living at Home goodies as prizes. Its nice to have a relaxing evening with the girls, doing something that requires little thought or effort. Unfortunately no one at our table won anything, rarely did we even get close. We were amateurs and it showed!

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