Monday, January 22, 2007

Simple Pleasures--The Weekend Edition

Simple Pleasures from the Weekend:

Started off the weekend having dinner with Builder Mama and family. Mama and I have been on a Working Moms board together for about 5 years, we've met in person a couple of other times. This was the first time we'd been together with the families. It was so nice to have a relaxed dinner with people you felt you'd known forever. The kids got along great and behaved in a nice restaurant for nearly 2.5 hrs (other than ripping the cover off the baseboard heater).

There was unbridled excitement in our house yesterday because it ACTUALLY SNOWED! PDQ declared it THE-MOST-BEAUTIFUL-THING-I-EVER-SAW!

I had my own moment of unbridled excitement this morning when I went into the garage, opened the door and hit the road--without any scraping or advance preparation. It was my first bad weather day with a garage, thanks Scott for letting me park there.

Stamp camp on Saturday night. I know to the uninitiated it probably sounds a bit corn ball but I really enjoy it--a little wine, a little crafting, a little poking fun at husbands who need it (not you this time dear), and a whole lot of laughing. Here are two of the projects we worked on this weekend. A cool card that slides and a magnetic picture frame where all the words and the picutre can be moved.


Future MILF Hopeful said...


Thanks for stopping by - congrats on the weight loss. I also love the healthy favourites section - great for ideas.

I read your post about oragnising summer camps and schools - and now I am wishing even more that the time doesn't fly with my little ones. Can't imagine having to think and plan all of that stuff, work, take care of a family...hats off to you.

Good luck this week. Great projects btw.

g-man said...

You're welcome love! Anything to keep you happy ;) XOXO

Builder Mama said...

Hey, we had a wonderful time as well! And Monkey Man is totally smitten by PDQ by the way, so watch out...

Love the scrapbook page! I wish I had the time to do that!