Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And today's challenge for Super Mom....Childcare Calculus

Will it never end? Today the new wrinkle in our scheduled to the moment lives--PDQs babysitter needs to have surgery and will be out for nearly a month. "Lucky" for us that one of those weeks is Spring Break and she can go to daycare with Boobah. After that, the assignment for Super Mom is to coordinate daycare before and after school.

Boobah's babysitter (BB) doesn't live on a bus route for PDQs school, she can watch her after school but getting her to BB creates some scheduling issues for Super Mom. BB might be able to pick her up at school but will need Super Mom's van to do so and needs cooperation of another child's parents as he arrives from preschool at the same time school ends.

PDQs babysitter (PB) has asked two neighbors to help out during that time. Its up to Super Mom to negotiate times and rates with these neighbors. PDQ knows one of the women marginally and dislikes her son, she doesn't know the other woman at all.

Grandma & Grandpa live 5 hours away, Grandma works Tuesday and Wednesday every week but maybe they could come provide some relief.

Boobah's school (BS) has an enrichment program one afternoon per week that Boobah attends as well as one of PDQs classmates. Can Super Mom negotiate a car pool with said classmate and get BS to allow her to attend for 2 afternoons?

Just considering the possibilities has given me a headache. I have a whole month to get everything negotiated and in place--thank goodness for small favors. I manage big projects for a living and sometimes I think arranging our lives is far, far more difficult!


g-man said...

I was expecting a spreadsheet with diagrams and circles and shit. Once you started assigning acronyms I was lost. Sorry love.

TxGambit said...

No kidding, G-man.... maybe a flow chart?

As I told you on the board, day care issues suck!!!!

Hope you get it all sorted out.

Esmerelda said...

If anyone can handle it, The Maven can....

Katrina said...'ve had a rough week!

Good luck!

Heather said...

I was going to do an equation but I was too damn tired! I think I have a handle on it--my parents coming here for 2 days, Spring Break with BB, 2 afternoons with Boobah at her preschool enrichment program, the thing to figure out is M,W,F mornings for an hour. I'm going to go begging the neighbors. I haven't even begun to ponder how much its all going to cost since I still have to pay PDQs babysitter for 2 of the 3 weeks!

sillychick said...

you made my head hurt.

I'm already trying to figure out summer break.