Thursday, February 22, 2007

My goal: De-funky the monkey

Well, first goal accomplished, the funky monkey bathrobe is off the child! Boobah has run a fever for the past two days. She has not wanted to take off said funky bathrobe. When forced to get dressed to take PDQ to the bus or to the doctor, she wore it over top. She's even worn it to bed instead of PJs.
Last night when I went in to kiss her good night before I went to bed, I noticed a vague throw up smell. I patted her down, smelled the sheets and blankets and couldn't find anything. It was deja vu, just like those days with an infant and you can smell the invisible spit up all day long but you can't locate it anywhere! I was relieved to know G-man had smelled it as well.
So, hopefully I can keep her occupied long enough with Blue's Clues and Jo Jo's Circus to get the funky monkey robe clean before she realizes she's not wearing it!
P.S. This is my first picture with my new camera, thanks G-man!
We managed to get the monkeys clean and dry! We did have a short stint in big sister's robe until hers was dry.


g-man said...

You're so welcome. It looks good. I hope it works to your specifications.

joansy said...

I want that robe!
What kind of camera did you get?
I hope she's feeling better soon.

Heather said...

Isn't it cute, even better that it came off a clearance rack at Kohl's last year dirt cheap :)

I got a Sony W100, 8.1 megapixels, small, 3x optical zoom (to me yada yada yada)

Ellie is feeling better but not too happy to give up two days in a row with a parent totally devoted to her.