Thursday, February 15, 2007

The only time its okay to blow a stranger

So we had a serious ice, sleet, snow storm yesterday. School as cancelled, G-man had a code yellow day and my boss told us not to come in unless we absolutely had to. My first thought--snow day! We could all spend the day at home together, wouldn't it be great. Yeah, in what alternative universe were my dreams coming from? I had a ton of work to do, several conference calls that I needed to do to keep things moving. I set the girls up with a new puzzle, some new books and the Disney Channel while G-man used the snow blower on our sidewalk and driveway.

After he ran out for coffee G-man decided to help the neighbors--our new neighbors. We've only been in the house since last July. He plowed through most of the sidewalk and driveways where people hadn't had a chance to shovel yet. The neighbor across the street wanted to know the rental fee, G-man told him a beer. They laughed, G-man came home to keep an eye on the girls so I could do my conference call.

We had big plans for a dinner at the dining room table, with china, crystal, and wine. I went out into the muck to get things from the grocery store. It was a zoo, the snow was piled in places but mostly it was a big icy mess. I watched a woman in a minivan spend a lot of time trying to get out of her parking place and praying I wasn't next! When I got home G-man told me that we were invited to the neighbors for beers and snacks. Cool, appetizers to go with dinner! I threw together a token snack to take along. We got Boobah to take a much needed nap and we headed out for our first visit to the neighbor's house. It was fun, we spent 2.5 hours talking, laughing, eating dip and drinking. Ellie had the 9 y.o. son wrapped around her little finger, she was literally leading him around the house. By the time we made it home it was nearly time for the girls to go to bed. We ended up with frozen pizza an a piece of our Valentine's cake. Not so good for future MILF-i-tude but good for the soul.


g-man said...

Definitely an eye popping title. :) It was fun chatting up the neighbors. Holy crap it was almost like we were you know, adults :)

Esmerelda said...

LOVE the headline!

Congrat's on the preschool choice, too.