Saturday, April 14, 2007

Don't let the old folks fool ya

In some sick way I have enjoyed getting up for spinning class at 5:45 AM. the class is full of triathletes in training and I am definitely in the slow, fat crowd. I'm okay with that, just knowing we are attempting to do the same things works for me. Most everyone is decked out in bike shorts, cycling shoes and a cool ni-tech race shirt. This morning I signed up for an 8AM class at the gym across town that I'd only been to a time or two. It was rockin' when I got there at 7:45, I don't know if it was because it is so much smaller than the place I usually go or because there really were SO many people. I found the tiny cycling room with the bright yellow bikes, which were a really pleasant surprise, they were actually comfortable! It did take me a minute to place LeMond from the name on the bike, remember him, the first US Tour De France phenom? There were only a couple of people warming up when I got there, as the class filed in I thought maybe it would be easier than my normal class. There were 3 women who looked about my age, 1 much younger women and a bunch of men who all looked to be pushing, if not exceeding 60. No fancy clothes or shoes, there was even an old guy wearing loafers. I figured I was going to kick some cycling ass.

OMG, how wrong could I be. The older guy teaching the class was on a death mission. We did all kinds of maniac endurance things, on the seat, off the seat, hold your upper body still, turn the tension on ALL the way and suffer. I sweat so much I dripped on the floor! Thank goodness the music was good, something about good music makes the torture go faster. I have to admit, the old folks definitely had me fooled. After the gym I ventured to soccer, just after Gman and Boobah took off the coach told us the girls wanted us to play to. It was all I could do to drag my sorry backside out of my comfy chair to get up and kick the ball around with the girls. I was sure I was going to get taken out by the dad beside me and end up in the ER. Thankfully no one over the age of 6 ended up on the ground. The girls are so funny to watch, they had at least 2 goals scored against them while they were hugging and jumping up and down celebrating the fact that they'd scored! So much for the killer instinct.


Builder Mama said...

Oh my. Sounds like a lovely class. Like if you wanted to have a heart attack!

Congrats on surviving! And good for you for tackling it in the first place.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

You kicked tail!