Saturday, May 12, 2007

9 Truths and 1 Lie

I was tagged by Greeblemonkey to a game of 10 Things About Me meme running around the Net right now with a slight twist--only nine of them are true, you figure out which one is not.

1. I've lived in Maryland for 9 years and have never been to down the ocean (Ocean City).

2. Gman and I met on the internet playing backgammon on a bulletin board.

3. I can tie a knot in the stem of a cherry with my tongue.

4. I graduated from college a virgin.

5. I have a PhD in Higher Education administration and now work in program management.

6. I grew up and went to college in Marietta, OH.

7. I was in a sorority in college and managed to get through the whole experience without actually living in
the house. I got to go to the national convention in New Orleans the year I was president.

8. I worked for years at the Kent State University and was there for the 25th anniversary of the shootings--4 Dead in Ohio.

9. Gman and I were caught driving in a tornado on our trip to move me to Maryland and weren't sure that we were going to be able to get the moving truck out of my hometown due to low hanging trees.

10. My big dream for our house is to totally re-do the master bathroom into my private spa retreat.

Okay, which one is the lie?

So tag, you are it Gman, Soontobejustme, Yer Doing It Wrong, Mrs. Wheezer and Joansy Rambles.


yerdoingitwrong said...

Okay. This is hard. I'm thinking it's either 4 or 6. And I don't know why. I'm going with 6.

Happy mama's day to you tomorrow. Let that precious family of your spoil you rotten!!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

you've never been down dee ooocean, hon???? (I can do the Balmer accent really well)...

I guess #4. Not that I am calling you a slut or anything.

g-man said...

#4 is that a special degree? :) I will, of course, refrain from posting my answer, but I had to comment on that. :)

joansy said...

I'm going with #4

Esmerelda said...

oh, this must means I know you so well. I know the answer. You only PLAY a doctor.