Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No good deed goes unpunished

My friend and I at work took on "flower day" to raise money for the March of Dimes. Instead of begging people to sponsor us for the walk, we sold flowers throughout the company and today was delivery day. We sold over 2000 flowers--including the generous benefactor who made sure EVERYONE in our main offices got one. This is a blessing for the March of Dimes and the people who get surprised with a flower. It is a freaking curse for those of us in charge who then have to figure out where the heck all these people are.

We flagged people down as they walked in the door, I am amazed at the number of people who couldn't be bothered to PICK THEM UP as they walked by. A few of them are on my beyotch list anyway and this just cemented their position in the basement as people for whom I wouldn't do something if their life depended on it. Not smart, very, very not smart.

We got a list of people in the company to start with, we updated it with all the people hired since they ran it. The problem, there is the great cube roulette wheel that gets spun what seems like weekly and people move, from building to building and no one gets told so tracking the suckers down is not easy. Finally we gave up and sent an e-mail, we have your flowers, we can't find you, please come pick them up. One response--well I sit right near X but I guess I'll come pick it up anyway. Is that "you freaking moron" inferred or is it just me?

Anyway, its over again for another year. Now to track down the last of the slackers who haven't paid us.

On the funny kid note, PDQ has adopted the air quote as her new thing. Tonight we were eating dinner and she said this is air quote really good air quote. I had to laugh. I asked her where she learned that--TV, of course, should have known.

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Anonymous said...

Mean people suck. So do people who think the world owes them....I feel for ya. Judy