Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Down with O.P.P.

I am so tired of finding little girl pee and less often poop sitting in my toilets! What is up with that? When they started potty training I was lucky to get them to go but they ALWAYS flushed. Now I feel like I have to be on potty patrol every time I leave the house so as not to stink the whole place up. They are doing better about wiping well and even washing their hands. Flushing takes what, a second? Isn't it a little ironic that the song by the same name was from Naughty by Nature?

When I was a residence hall director at my alma mater in the early 90s I also worked with the alumni association. They ran a story about the alumni part in the student paper The Marcolian. Someone came and took a decent head shot and it ran with the article. My mother was impressed, I'm doubtful anyone else was. One day I went into the newspaper office, I can't even remember why, I'd never been there as a student. Hanging on their bulletin board was that head shot of me with a thought bubble with that very line in it. The looks on the faces of guys that worked for me was priceless, they stammered and turned red.


mackeydoodle said...

Now I know who you are!!!
Mrs. G-man!!!
I have seen you stop in at my blog & never made the connection. Duh.
Nice to "meet" you.

g-man said...

Does it make me old that I had to look up WTF OPP meant? :)

Heather said...

Yes, that's me, Mrs. Gman :)

Not only old, old and uncool :)

Anonymous said...


Same problem over here. I am cleaning up my kids' bathroom DAILY.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

My problem is all about CAT pee. :(

Esmerelda said...

OPP was cool before anything else!

I, too, have a problem with OPP. And because God gave them a magic wand with which to produce the P, it goes EVERYWHERE.

I want auto flushers on my toilets. Not too much to ask.

Lotta said...

What IS up with that? My son won't flush, wipe or wash his hands unless I monitor him. He used to do it when he was first trained a year ago.