Thursday, June 21, 2007

Home Sweet (Quiet) Home

Ah, we are back home after our four-ish day road trip sans children. I think the first hour in the car we might each have mumbled a half dozen words. It was quiet, we were on the road, together in a car (not a van) and there were no car seats to be found. When we did speak half the time it was to ask each other if we were there yet, whine about it taking too long and pretending we had to pee--no, we really don't have any life without our kids.

First stop, Casa de Builder Mama. She writes about our adventures here. Although I look drunk and/0r high I really only had a couple of drinks, Lynchburg Lemonade--Yum-O! Mama and her family are something else. We had a great time hanging out, talking, eating and drinking with the whole clan. Monkey Man is so quiet compared to the two girls and there was no fighting, bliss. Liz showed off serious cooking skillz whipping up a fantastic dinner including the best cheesecake I ever ate. I was all ready to beg her to let me eat it for breakfast the next morning as well but instead she baked biscuits and sausage and egg casserole. Mmmmmmm She then showed us all around Richmond, including a stop to see her hubby and get the lowdown on the roofing situation in Richmond. It was fun to see someone really into what they do! Gman posted his pictures of our adventures here. And yes, that is Liz & I being rather irreverent in front of the Virginia War Memorial.

Stop two, Williamsburg, VA (pictures of that over at Gman's site as well). One word sums up our trip to Williamsburg HOT. It was 99 degrees, the sun was beating down and the humidity was high. Gman and I walked through the streets, took a few pictures, did a little shopping and headed out of town. I'd like to go back sometime when it isn't miserable. My mother has been dying to go for years. I am sure next time we'll have the kids and I really want to try out The Great Wolf Lodge which would certainly make up for the overdose of history. We were on our way to the beach shortly after noon.

Stop three, Virginia Beach, VA. We stayed at this hotel. Gotta say, the person who did their website has serious photoshop skills! It wasn't bad but it was pretty old and run down. The whole reason I booked us there was the availability of a king size bed--no one else seemed to have one--and the room with a jacuzzi. I love to take a bath and relax. Being able to take a soak and see the ocean was pretty much my idea of heaven. Loved the boardwalk between the hotel and the ocean, it was great for a walk in the morning as well as a night time stroll to dinner. Its not our usual family trip to the beach where things are quiet, laid back and there is little to do. I am not sure I'd want stay there for a long trip but for a day or two it was nice. We ate at Waterman's at Liz's suggestion and it was great. I was a little sad that I couldn't have seafood but I ate fish and tried to be happy about it.

So now we are back home. Last night we did nothing. Today we went back to work. I don't know what I was thinking before I left but I managed to be in meetings for all but a couple of hours today and the afternoon was 4 hours booked straight through. Tonight we cleaned up a little, I went to see my acupuncturist who declared me very relaxed, then I came home to a Gman prepared dinner (I can't remember the last time I was well and that happened!). Bless him for trying but we ate some kind of Vegan fake chicken product--eww. I guess I found the limit of my granola crunchiness! Tomorrow the children return. My mother says they are leaving around 9-9:30 tomorrow morning. Sound like they are anxious to return them?! PDQ lost her top front tooth today and I can't wait to see her. The trip was great but driving around today, alone in my minivan reminded me just how much I miss them!

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Builder Mama said...

Woo hoo! So glad you guys came for a visit, now we have to plot and plan a trip up your way....