Friday, July 6, 2007

The Adventures of Kissy Lips & Huggy Bear

Later this month I will make the pilgrammage home to Southern Ohio to attend the 20th high school reunion of the Marietta Senior High School class of 1987. Just writing that makes me feel old. Where did the last 20 years go and how come some of those experiences still seem so fresh in my mind? Thinking about revisiting those times with those people has had me pondering lots of stuff some important like how amazing it is that I can pick up a conversation with some of those people after weeks, months or years and it is like yesterday. There is also the more trivial stuff, what am I going to wear, what will people look like, who has changed the most?

I sent an e-mail out to four people that I am still in touch with on a relatively consistent basis. The response from my oldest friends didn't surprise me at all. Nothing without sleeves said Huggy Bear, she has not been a fan of her upper arms for as long as I can remember and that's been more than 30 years. Thinking about her and her arms brought lots of memories flooding back including giving ourselves nicknames some time in late elementary school, she was Huggy Bear, I was Kissy Lips. Signing her e-mail LYLAS (love ya like a sis) was also something we cooked up in my parents icky unfinished basement many years ago. I can't wait to see her and re-live some of our formative experiences--band camp, toilet papering, days spent playing Barbie's at her house, the pee-pa-pee-pa-pee-pot story from the Burger Chef, and so many more. Another friend, who is nickname-less said in her e-mail but I could hear her saying it in my head "whatever my fat ass will fit in." Both made me smile because I should have predicted both responses.

Sweet and sexy,
Straight from heaven,
We're the class of '87

I just hope that in the transient world today my kids can have those same enduring friendships, people who knew them when and know them now no matter the distance. Of my best friends one still lives near our hometown, one lives in FL, one lives across the state and I am the only member of our class in Maryland. I am looking forward to our walk down memory lane and seeing what it is that everyone shows up wearing.


g-man said...

Oh yeah, me too ! :)

Builder Mama said...

That sounds like fun! How cool that you guys still keep in touch.

We are headed to Joey's 20th at the end of the month. I did find a dress today, but I suspect that Joey will be the only one without a mullet and I'll probably be the only one not wearing a tube top. Just a guess.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I'm the class of 88 (Bryan is 87, btw) so mine is next year. I have not been to one yet and only minorly keep in touch with a few people form high school. My one best friend form that era did not eve go to my school, we worked at the record store ion the mall together!

Hope you have a blast!

Esmerelda said...

I'm holding out for Boobah to marry Tippytornado. I only have a weeeee bit of hope for Karateboy and PDQ. I like her too much to saddle her with him. :-D