Sunday, August 19, 2007

Big Weekend Doin's

It was a "quiet" weekend at home this weekend, no traveling, no big plans, just us at home. On Saturday morning I got up early and headed to the farm. I picked peaches, blackberries and dug some potatoes. When I headed to another part of the farm for a few early season apples I was amazed to find a sign for blueberries. I thought we'd had the last of them a month ago. There were still some blueberry treasures hiding among the blasins (you know, like blueberry raisins). Once you lowered your expectations it was a fun treasure hunt and one I knew Boobah would love to eat! So I headed home with a little sun and a whole lot of produce.

Gman spent the day constructing a compost bin for me. He slaved away (and I am shocked didn't take a picture!) while I was gone and for several hours after I got home. Now we can have an even better garden next year with our very own trash. Pretty cool.

Today we all headed to the Columbia Iron Girl Triathlon to watch Esmerelda in the race she'd been training for practically all year. It was a cool-ish day for August in the Mid-Atlantic. Gman headed out early, really early for a Sunday morning so he could capture pictures of the whole thing. The girls and I ventured out later to cheer her on at the top of the last bike hill and to meet her at the finish line. Unfortunately in traffic we didn't make it to the finish line in time to see her cross it. We did make up for it with some pink flowers to match her hot pink suit. It was really interesting to watch all the elated women who'd done their tri that morning. There was a great energy in the air and everyone, amazingly, looked like they were having a great time! Way to go Es!


g-man said...

Quiet is relative ... I'm shocked that you didn't take a picture of it. :)

Esmerelda said...

Yeah, GMan missed me actually hugging my mother and meaning it.

But it was awesome. Twice as awesome because you were there.

thanks... {going before I get weepy}

Ann(ie) said...

GO ES!!!! Great picture!