Saturday, August 25, 2007

What HE said

You can read about last night's adventure in the yard over at Gman's, he does the whole thing justice including great pictures. And for the record, I am a whimp who proudly wears the pussy title when it comes to sleeping outside in the humidity on the ground. I'll be the pussy in the bed, in the air conditioning. I have no problem admiting it. Although please don't believe it left me well rested, I was in the kitchen until after midnight catching up with another of the moms and then I flopped around in Es' bed instead of my own.

Thanks Es, the food and the company were great as always!


g-man said...

I'm glad you took that in the vein in which it was intended :) Sorry that you didn't sleep so well. Tonight my sweet it is all "king size and clean sheets".

Esmerelda said... was the culmination of all my summer dreams....{sigh}

when are we having the 'adult' party?

Ann(ie) said...

I think you're the smart one to stay inside and take the bed.

I'm off to see the pics....=)