Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Boobah!

Boobah, hour one. I had a planned c-section and we have photographic evidence of her arrival from the bloody beginning (I'll spare you).

It's hard not to compare your kids, just thinking about Boobah being born reminds me how much easier that whole pregnancy was than with PDQ. How different they were as babies--Boobah weighed in at 8 lb 6 oz and PDQ at just 6 lb. PDQ and I struggled with nursing and fought our way through the first year. Boobah took to it right away and it was a struggle to wean her at 2. PDQ has a group of 5 little girls that were born within two months of her at church that have been her friends since day 1 and they glide from person to person easily. Boobah has Tippytornado her "bestest friend forever." It amazes me how alike they can be in their stubborn moments and how different they can be other times.

We had 5 little girls over for a low maintenance birthday party. Thankfully the weather was perfect so they played in the backyard. I served pizza and cake, gave out rockin' goody bags (which was pretty much the only effort I put into the thing) and everyone went home happy.

This year its off to a new preschool. Struggling with the decision as to whether or not we'll have her tested for Kindergarten. Oh The Joys recently had this great post on the subject of when kids should start Kindergarten that just added more fuel to my fire of worry.
Happy birthday Boobah, I love you!


Mayberrys said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Tree said...

Happy Birthday, Boobah!!!!

I like how you shared some of the differences in the girls.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...


And we struggled with the K decision too. I feel your pain.