Friday, September 7, 2007

In Search of MILFdom--Third Time is a Charm

Yes, this is the third time I have started down the exercise and eating right track this year. Why do I think it'll be different this time? I guess because I have a goal other than just losing weight. I am going to participate in the Ryka Iron Girl triathlon next August. I'll probably also do the Tri-to-Win event in June as well. The foundation that sponsors the race is in memory of a co-workers mother who died of melanoma and raises money for that fight. Coincidentally my grandfather died of melanoma as well. Anyway, having a goal, what at this point in time feels like a pretty ambitious one is what I think is going to make the difference this time.

This week I hit the pool twice, it was hard, really hard. Especially with people in other lanes who seemed to be swimming effortlessly while I splashed around praying I'd make it to the end of the pool so I could flip over and do a lap of backstroke to try and get my breath back. By the end of today's workout I definitely felt a little better. I even had to share a lane so that "I don't want to" is done and over with. I couldn't believe all the lanes in two pools were occupied at 5:45 in the morning and several had more than one swimmer a piece!

I haven't been outside on the bike at all this week other than the quick ride around the neighborhood with my new pedals and shoes. Mission accomplished, I can get out of them without crashing--so far. I did do three spin classes this week, definitely my favorite of the sports.

Running, well, still haven't done that. The fall earlier in the week has kept me from even speed walking, hopefully I'll go back to that on Monday.

Weekly Stats:

Pounds Lost this week: 1.6

Total pounds lost (this go around): 4.6

Workouts: 3 hrs bike, 1 hour swim

Go check out Mom-o-matic and her fabulous progress or check in on the other MILFs in the making.


Esmerelda said...


You make me look so LAZY.

You absolutely rock!

Heather said...

You earned your rest.

Syndi said...

If you can clip out, that's half the battle. I fell over three or four times before getting the knack of it, so you go, girl!

Tree said...

Good job, Mama Maven!!!

Honestly, I think you can go down the path several times and then there is a time that it just works for you - things in your life and in your psyche must click and it will come together. Having a goal outside of the weight goal is a great way to get there.

Gretchen said...

You go girl!~

George du Maurier said...

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George du Maurier said...

abiding by the curfew of the black sun worshipers will minimize your chances of being intentionally targeted for the melanomas.

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Tree said...

Who TF is George du Maurier???

Ann(ie) said...

RIGHT ON! I'll be cheering you the whole way. wooohooooooo!!