Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween to you and yours. You know Gman couldn't let the holiday get away without a special picture. You can imagine my reaction when the girls came running into the house last night to tell me they'd been out with Daddy taking pictures in a graveyard.

Costumes to school-check
Cupcakes to PDQs school-check
Pretzels to Boobah's school-check
Time cleared to attend Halloween/Fall parades and parties-check
Camera-damn! Will I be able to find time in the day to run home to get it? If I do will it be at the expense of stopping for gas?

Should be a seriously frightening day. Nothing like opening the first e-mail at work and having it implore you to read and send comments to something prior to 9:30AM. I must go do so now!


Tree said...

That pic gman took is hilarious!!!

Happy Halloween to you! Cannot wait to see pics of the girls tomorrow.

g-man said...

I hope you were able to make it home so you can capture the cuteness :) I hope your day was not too busy. XOXO

Tree- Thanks.