Friday, October 19, 2007

Getting to know my insides

I went to my gyno today as a follow-up to an appointment from about a month ago. I'd been having bleeding issues--like doing it ALL the time. It was annoying but I didn't worry too much. He sent me off to have some blood work done and an ultrasound. His assistant called to tell me my blood work was fine. I called about the u/s results. I called again and again. No return call. So then the debate started, well if it were normal his assistant would call and tell me vs. it was something really bad he'd call me.

Turns out I was right, it was something in between. Apparently he'd been carrying my chart around but hadn't managed to get back to me. It wasn't really bad but it wasn't totally normal, he was glad I was back to see him so he could explain the results. The lining of my uterus was on the thick side, since AF wasn't regular it was hard to tell if it was thick at an appropriate time. He drew pictures of exactly what he was talking about for me on the exam table paper. (And while I appreciated the illustrations in my head I was willing him to get to the freaking point!) The he proceeded to draw a picture of the instrument he could use to do a biopsy. Having just heard a friend relate the tale of her biopsy in the office, I think I turned a little green. He gave me a second option of having a D&C, which is outpatient surgery.

We discussed the pros and cons of both at length, he told me there wasn't too much pain with the biopsy, that he could do it there and then although he'd normally have people take a pain reliever beforehand. He did admit that he's never had one so that it wasn't personal knowledge. One advantage to the D&C (besides being knocked out and feeling nothing) is that it could be the diagnosis tool as well as the cure. Given that I might end up having one anyway and that I am a big freaking chicken, I opted for the D&C.

I wouldn't be too worried about all this except for the fact that the friend who was relaying the story about the biopsy. Her doctor assured her it was probably nothing. It wasn't, it was uterine cancer and she is having surgery on Monday. She's older than I and I know the chances of having the same outcome are pretty small. My doctor did say that he was almost positive it wasn't a big deal, he wanted to do the biopsy to be sure he is right. I know the chances of it being a big problem are small but its still there.

I am going to try and put it out of my mind as much as possible for the next couple of weeks. I am glad that I went when I thought something was off. I know there was a time earlier in my life when I would have talked myself into brushing it off as nothing, it probably is but better safe than sorry.


EmbracingKatrina said...

I had a friend recently go through the D&C for a biopsy. It was nothing. But I'm glad she went through it, though, just in case.

Just keep thinking positive and good luck!

Builder Mama said...

I haven't done the endometrial biopsy thing but have done the uterine biopsy - OUCH. I think your choice of the D&C was a wise one, especially if there's a chance you'd need it done anyway.

Sending lots of hugs - I know it will turn out okay but sometimes it's hard to see it that way when it's staring you in the face!

Syndi said...

I have had both a D & C and a biopsy. The D & C was nothing. The biopsy? I cannot describe how painful that was. The doctor said the pain depends on the size of the entry to the cervix. Anyway, the pain was almost unbearable for me at least.