Thursday, October 11, 2007

I had to look twice

Last week I finally gave into the inevitable and bought a few new pieces of clothing for Fall. I am not dropping pounds like I'd like and I need something to wear to work.

I found some pants that fit, my thighs do seem to be getting smaller. I even found a jacket to go with one pair to make a suit--on sale, with a coupon. I wore it for the first time today since its been in the upper 80s and 90s since I bought them. I've felt pretty good in my ensemble, nothing earth shattering but a chocolate brown jacket & pants with a turquoise t-shirt and a cool necklace that matches.

Then, this afternoon I peeled off the jacket--my run at lunchtime has kept me warm all afternoon. When I went to put it back on I did a double take on the tag--its a size smaller than I thought I bought. I needed something to help me see progress since its certainly not the scale!


Ann(ie) said...

Yeah! Making progres!! Screw the scale.

Tree said...

Excellent! I agree - screw the scale.

Lotta said...

Yea, that's what counts! By the way can you post your MILF swap goodies? Thanks!

Builder Mama said...

Hooray! Just proof that it's not always the number on the scale that matters. Oh, remind me of that next week, K? ;-)