Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meme: 7 Random Things

Aimee over at Greeblemonkey tagged me for a 7 Random Things about Me meme. So here goes...

  1. I started playing the flute in the fifth grade but ended up being a dud due to the large bow in my top lip. I changed to the perscussion session and since I could read music I spent a lot of time playing the xylophone. Its been a good 20 years since I've played anything other than a tambourine with the kids.
  2. In graduate school my thesis was on Communication Styles of Women in Leadership. Later on I developed a presentation based on it and gave it to my colleagues at staff training and at professional organization conferences.
  3. I am going to be an Aunt again in January. My sister is pregnant with her second little boy.
  4. I really wanted to be an olympic swimmer when I was a kid. I was chubby and didn't swim all that well but I didn't let that stop my fantasies. Betsy Mitchell was an olympic swimming medal winner from my small Ohio hometown. They even named the street passing by the YMCA for her.
  5. I had a miscarriage (Nov 9, 2003) between my two girls. The timing of the pregnancy was a surprise but I was pretty sure I wanted a second child. I had just gotten used to the idea when I miscarried. It was really hard but in my mind it clarified the fact that I really did want another baby.
  6. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue. (Thanks Mom & Dad for that private college education, bet you never imagined I would gain so much.)
  7. I have worked for the same company for over 9 years after walking in as a temp for what I expected to be a very short period of time. I was working for VP who was saddled with Y2K work and when I offered to take care of some of the stuff she had on her plate she ended up creating a position for me. When Y2K was over I got a position in the Program Management group and have been here ever since.

I know I should now tag more people. If you haven't been tagged yet, consider yourself IT!

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Ann(ie) said...

Congrats on your new (up and coming) nephew!!