Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday, Monday

Back to the grind after a busy weekend. Where the heck does time go? How could it possibly be October already? September is a blur. I forgot that the beginning of school brings chaos, here I was thinking that it was good to get back in a routine--HA!

We've had two back to school nights, training for our mid-week youth program at church, soccer practice and games, brownies, and brownie cookie Mom training just to name a few fun things. We never get invited to parties and our neighborhood had one two weeks ago and we've been invited to another Saturday night. On top of it I fit in a coffee with the ladies, stamp camp and a night at Let's Dish so we could actually eat this month. The girls have both been to the dentist, Boobah to the doctor twice, acupuncture, I had to go visit my friendly gyn and today I have to go to the dentist. Thank goodness for Outlook syncing GMan and I up or we'd never been anywhere on time!

So here's to October and maybe NOW we can getting into a normal, sane schedule?

Things overheard at my house:

(Boobah and PDQ getting into the van in the garage)
Boobah: You don't say SHIT.
Me: Hey, we don't say that word.
Boobah: I know, that's what I just said!

Boobah: Daddy, will you kill this bug for me?
Gman: Sure
Boobah: Okay, I will clean up the guts with a tissue

Upon finding Boobah and PDQ in the bathroom washing a flip flop in the sink.
Me: What are you doing?
Boobah: Cleaning off bug guts, we deaded it with the shoe

Finally, happy birthday to Esmerelda (a day late). We did celebrate with her last night. A flight of margaritas and chocolate cake--what more could a girl want?

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g-man said...

Then there was the one where Booba was telling PDQ that Hayden was a better kisser than TippyTornado. {Sigh} She is only 4 WTF ?!?!