Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back to normal

I said goodbye to Buildermama this afternoon after a spectacular, relaxing weekend. I trust that she made it home with much less drama than it took her to get here.

After she left I made a quick and disappointing stop at the outlet mall near the train station. Really nothing I could imagine buying, waaaaaaaaaaaay too many people and the prices weren't what I'd consider outlet worthy.

I headed home to get my run on. I am trying to figure out the right clothing configuration for cooler weather. Definitely things that wick away the mositure so you I don't end up sweaty, wet and cold. Ick. Today I did okay, I might have been better without the sweatshirt over my running shirt but I HATE being cold! I got my 21 minutes of running in. My hip and knee are still giving me a little grief, not pain, just some swelling in the knee and discomfort in the hip. I am sure if I were doing better in the food department my joints would be happier. I am up to running 21 minutes out of 30. I've been doing slightly longer running intervals 10-12 minutes at the beginning of my run and it feels pretty good. I really wish I could find a flat place to run, the hills are kicking my ass.

The kiddos and Gman got home shortly after I did. I popped dinner in the oven (embarrassingly the first time I've cooked all weekend!) and heard all about the big trip. It was so good to have everyone home again. While I really enjoyed my grown up weekend and some rest, I missed them--a lot.

I am thankful for the chance to regarge and relax. I am also thankful for the safe return of Gman and the girls.

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g-man said...

Glad to be home too. :) I'm glad you had a nice weekend. For not cooking you sure left a sink full of dishes, wow! ;) SHMILY