Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jose' take me away

Cuervo that is. Its only Tuesday and I feel like I am on a runaway train--which thing (0r things) to do next! I went for acupuncture this morning to help me slow down. As soon as I sat down I realized that while I brushed hair, fixed waffles, put dinner in the crock pot, gathered running clothes, picked up girl scout cookies, grabbed my keys and ID and ran out the door this morning I forgot one little detail--to turn the crock pot ON. I swear I spent half of my relaxing hour debating whether it was worth going home to check. I did go home and it was turned on, however, it was not plugged in.

I am feeling a bit scattered, so much to do and the total inability to decide which to do first. Off for water and coffee and then a little deep breathing.

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g-man said...

Will Cabo Wabo do? :)