Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mall Talk

PDQ and I went to the mall this evening to pick out her special prize for being cooperative in the mornings. My special sticker method worked wonders and it was my turn to pay up. Of course she picked going to Libby Lu (or the School for Pole Dancers as Gman calls it). Its all I can do to stop from wincing in a store that is so sticky sweet and pink. PDQ picked out a fake pink headset to further her lip syncing career as a Hannah Montana wannabe. Then we proceeded through the mall with a stop at Sephora to Christmas shop for my sister. The ladies were enchanted with PDQ and her gushing over a fluffy white brush (that serves no purpose other than being pretty the sales woman confirmed). Then it was off to Macy's to see if I could find a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding in two weeks. As we approach Macy's this was the conversation:

PDQ: Macy's or is that Macy Penney's?
Me: Huh?
PDQ: Is this just Macy's or is it Macy Penney's?

As we walked through the store she stops in front of a dress, gives it the up and down, declares it too short and moves on. Then there is a series of "love it," "love it," "hate it." She hears me snickering and says, Mom I *am* a designer! Oh really, what do you design? Well, not really but sometimes I put stuff together and that is designing. After perusing the dresses and finding nothing appropriate she came shrieking that she wanted night goggles. I am sure the look on my face was priceless. She drug me over to the nightwear and showed me the coveted night goggles--actually silk sleep shades. Finally, after hearing her complain about her feet hurting I took her for shoes--wide shoes (for the record, those came from her father). She found the light up shoes of her dreams and I couldn't' resist buying her Keen's on clearance so hopefully we are set for shoes for the winter!

I am thankful that PDQ is such a vibrant child who has an opinion of her own and generally lights up a room.


g-man said...

Pole Dancer College or Tarts-r-Us, either will suffice :)

I almost peed at "night goggles"

I AM thankful for that too (and you and Booba too for the record)

Builder Mama said...

You went to Sephora without me?
*collapsing in anguished sobs*

I blame GMan for this.

Glad you girlies had a great time. Both of your girls are just the biggest sweethearts!

mackeydoodle said...

Libby Lu?
I am assuming that it is something like LaSenza Girl that we have here in Canada. They bait our sweet & innocent little girls....bastages!
Whatever happened to Jack & Jill?

mackeydoodle said...

Not that this might matter much to you but when I come to your blog on I.E. it freezes up for a few minutes but when I come over on Firefox there is no problem at all. Weird.