Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Brick

In Tri-Speak a brick is a workout where you do two of the sports. I was lazy (and ran out of time) yesterday so I needed to run so this morning I did my Saturday morning spin class and then I ran for 20 minutes. It wasn't nearly as horrible as I expected. As I've said hundreds, maybe thousands of times, running is not for me. As time goes by and I do it more I feel less like throwing up as I do and realize that getting started is the hard part and once you get into it a little bit there is a sweet spot in the middle--that place right before you just want it over with.

I felt great, I had done it and according to my heart rate monitor burned 1300 calories this morning. By the time I got home and into the shower I wanted nothing more than a nap. So much for my grand organizational plans. I did get a few things done today. Most importantly Gman got all of the curtain rods and blinds up that have been sitting around for a few weeks. I did finally succumb to the bed for an hour after a trip to Lowe's and Costco because really, after a trip to Costco with three kids and the husband--you. deserve. a. nap.


g-man said...

Yes I do!! Tomorrow is for me!

Esmerelda said...


Isn't the calorie burning fantastic.

Tree said...

GREAT job!