Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our new addition

Meet Thumper, the newly adopted rabbit member of our family. He's not nearly the giant he appears in the picture. The girls have been after us for almost two years about getting a pet. We were saved by the goldfish in the pond out back for awhile--then I killed them. At Boobah's preschool they have a rabbit, Graham Cracker, and it got me thinking.

I am allergic to cats and a dog is so much work. Hmmm, maybe a bunny. Gman's response was if YOU are going to be responsible for it, knock yourself out. So I started looking this fall. Contacted local rabbit adoption places as well as the humane society. The local rabbit rescue wanted a lot of information, home visits and only hosts adoption day once a month. Around the holidays Abby came home with a note from a teacher at her school--her brother had a bunny he needed to get rid of. I managed to put her off through the holidays.

Last night we finally agreed that things were as normal as they are going to get and went to meet Thumper. He's very sweet and soft. It'll be a good chore for the girls and a good incentive to get other things done so they can hang with him. So we loaded up the bunny, food, cage, extra bedding and litter and brought Thumper home.

Somehow, I imagine that you'll be hearing more about Thumper in the future.


Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

As a former bunny owner, HOORAY! He is gorgeous!

You know *not* to feed him carrots, right?

Phil said...

Welcome, Thumper!

BTW, a friend of ours is into bunnies; she'd have further info if you're interested.

Have fun!


FENICLE said...

I'm kind of jealous. I always wanted a bunny growing up. Our good friends have one and their kids love it. They aren't bad pets at all!!

Esmerelda said...

Can't wait to meet him.

g-man said...

I have no doubt that we will hear from thumper in the future.

Ann(ie) said...

Hi Thumper. You are too cute!