Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What IS that smell?

Our bed is horrible. I got a bonus at work and we decided it was time to spend it on our comfort and hope that it might improve our sleep experience. On Saturday I told Boobah we were going to go buy a new mattress when we went to pick up PDQ from a birthday party. And only as a four year old could put it we had the following conversation:

Me: We're going to buy a new bed after we pick up PDQ.

Boobah: Why do you need a new bed?

Me: Because ours stinks!

Boobah: Oh, that is because Daddy farts in it all the time!

So now GMan and I await our new Tempurpedic bed. Funny how once the decision was made the old bed is even MORE uncomfortable. I am counting the days until the spring quits jabbing me in the hip.

1 comment:

Mitzi Green said...

one can only wonder what her response would have been had you said "because ours sucks!"