Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You know that warning about drowsiness?

Take it seriously. Last night I took a couple of Benadryl to try and rope in my allergies. I have a nasal spray too but its just not doing the trick. At that point I'd have done anything to stop the itching and runny nose. Someone should have warned me it just wasn't driving that I wanted to avoid. "Do not, under any circumstances attempt hair removal of any type while under the influence of these drugs" is the warning I would add to that label if I were queen.

Boobah begged me to trim her bangs so I obliged and between my haziness, Gman's "help" and her moving her head it wasn't a great experience for any of us. She kept moving her eyebrows and right in the middle of her bangs there is a short place. I gave a fleeting thought to sneaking into her room last night and evening them up while she slept and was still. It didn't look that bad this morning but I am sure grandma will have something to say about it when we go visit for Easter.

Then in another stroke of genius I finally remembered that I needed to wax my eyebrows to look a little less like Sasquatch. I got out the wax (which I never intended to buy, I thought I got the strips), warmed it up and went to town. I managed to get a lot more in my eyebrows than I had intended as well as trapping a good hunk of eyelashes. I tried everything I could think of to try and get the stuff out of my eyelashes and brows without pulling out hair. I was only marginally successful. I have a little bald spot in my right eyebrow and am missing a clump of eyelashes as well. Gman found this too highly entertaining.


Builder Mama said...

Yeah, my one and only attempt at home waxing was when I literally pulled strips of flesh off my upper lip. So much for trying to be discreet about my mustache (which honestly wasn't that bad, it was more just being vain on my part).

Bangs grow back. So do eyebrows and eyelashes, thank God!

Esmerelda said...

So sorry sweetheart.

You DO remember when I was using an electric razor to trim my bangs and shaved off part of my eyebrow?

And the at home waxing? The royal blue bruise that lasted a week??

Some things just aren't easy do it yourself items.

Fat and Normal said...

Baby oil for next time, baby oil removes wax. We have all done it though, lol.