Sunday, April 6, 2008

You did what in the rain?

I got up this morning for my triathlon training class--2 hours of biking and running--and ran to the computer to see if there was a note from the coaches. Nope, nothing. I climbed back in bed for an 8 minute snooze. Got back up, checked again, still nothing. I steeled myself to the idea that we were actually going to bike and run this morning in the 46 degrees and raining weather. Running in the rain I could handle, biking in the rain worried me. Especially on my thin road tires that actually scare me a bit going down hill when its dry. Face it, all of my mass, balanced on those thin, slick tires in the rain. Those aren't odds that I like.

I got to the assigned meeting place 5 minutes before the class is supposed to start. Normally people would be lining the roads and warming up. I got out my Blackberry and sure enough, now there was a note from the coach. Dress warm, come out and learn to ride in the rain! Ugh. So I waited, finally there were two more minivans joining me. I decided I'd give it until 7:05 and then I was out of there. I was up, I was going to use my time. The minute the clock turned to 7:05 I started up my van, it was raining harder, it was dark and all I could think about was ending up on the ground.

I pulled out at 7:06. I thought about going home and putting my bike on the trainer but I really prefer to ride outside. Maybe it will clear up later today. If not, there is always tomorrow. So I drove to the gym and parked. I decided I'd get my run in, what is a little rain when you are running? There is a 5K loop from the gym around the lake and back. I'd never run the whole thing and decided it was my "punishment" for not riding this morning. Off I went.

The first few minutes were miserable. My hamstring a little tight, my legs a little sluggish. As I ran I got into a rhythm, it wasn't so bad. It struck me that running in the drizzle was far better than slogging away on the treadmill. The lake is pretty, things are starting to bloom everywhere. The geese and ducks are fun to watch as they do the spring time mating rituals. Just watch out for the geese on the path, they don't particularly like company! I found myself ENJOYING running in the drizzle, once I was warmed up it kept me just the right temperature. There were few other people out, mostly just dog walkers a couple of guys running but that was about it. I took advantage of the lack of people to sing out loud along to my tunes when I felt like it. If someone had told me six months ago I'd be running 3+ miles in the rain and enjoy it I'd have laughed out loud. The kind of laugh that makes milk come out your nose.


Esmerelda said...


Tree said...

I am so proud of you! I like running in the rain and I much prefer running in temps 50 and below.

Heather said...

You know Tree I was surprised to read in Runner's World that you run better at 36 F than 68 F but now that I've run more I certainly get why!

Builder Mama said...

You rock! Personally, I would've skipped the outside running in the drizzle because it would make my hair frizz. But you know I'm kind of shallow that way.