Monday, June 16, 2008

I AM a triathlete

South Carroll Tri to Win Sprint Triathlon

SWIM 13:27 400m

The swim was uneventful, it was a pool swim and someone held us at the mat until a lane opened up. The guy in the other half of my lane was doing some bizarre frog-like thing for a lap or two, I was so glad when someone else got in.

On with the cycling jersey, gloves, socks, shoes, open up the beans, chew a couple. I have to say the big surprise here was WET socks! Had a great rack position right next to the bike & run out.

Bike 1:04:51
This course is really hilly, I conquered the first couple of hills without problems, felt strong. The third in the series always gets me. My HR was creeping up so near the top I walked a bit to save something. Did the same thing on the next really long, gradual hill. Got passed by several people here. After these hills were done I knew it was time to hammer. Passed 3-4 people in this stretch. One poor guy lost a crank at mile 8 of 14.7 and was riding in with one leg. There are two climbs at the end, I walked the top part of the first one, its an increasingly steep hill up and around a bend--crankless guy and I walked it together. I got a head of steam and determination and ground up the final steep hill and after that it was back up the driveway into the transition area. There was a dude on a motorcycle who kept showing up at every intersection screaming you can do it. It was cool the first couple of times, after that it got annoying!

T2 2:57

Quick out of the shoes, on with the running shoes. Love my lace locks! Took a big drink, my hydration on the bike was so-so. Almost ran out with my cycling gloves, ran back and took them off.

RUN (or trudge as the case may be) 43:24

The beginning of the course wound back behind the swim center on grass and then a rough gravel path--I heard several people say it was longer than 5K. I took it easy here worrying about a twisted ankle. I walked through the water station and then started jogging up the hill. Stopped to walk one more time on the uphill. Walked through water at the top of the hill and was glad to start the mostly downhill trip back. Walked through the final water station and ran the rest of the way back UP the driveway across the line. My girls came out and ran with me.

It was great fun and only 68 days until the next one. Definitely need to go out and ride hills to prepare!


Tree said...

What was the weather like? Did it suck? My entire performance can be directly corrolated to the temp & humidity!

I am so so proud of you.

MamaMaven said...

The weather was actually great. Low humidity and it started in the 70s, really comfortable for here in June, especially when it had been in the upper 90s with high humidity earlier in the week. By the time I ran around 10AM it was hotter and the run was on unshaded asphalt roads but the humidity was relatively low so I'll take it!

I think I had like a gallon of water and 3 gatorades yesterday afternoon :)

Builder Mama said...


You are awesome! I am so proud of you!

g-man said...

I'll third that and say it again, YOU ROCK baby. : )

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Wow, what are the odds I'd stumble on this blog mere HOURS after I registered for my first triathlon in August??

Good for you!!