Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Maven Says: Fancy Fun Fruit!

Every year I struggle to find something new and different for birthday party goodie bags. I hate the cheesy toys that break the minute we get home, the last thing my kid needs is more candy and I am horrible about ordering cool stuff from a place like Oriental Trading Company in time for the party (and sometimes that leads to #!). Parent Bloggers Network recently gave me the opportunity to try My Fruit Roll-ups which, in my opinion are a solution to the goodie bag dilemma. What, might you ask, makes these fruit roll-ups so special? Its all about personalization baby!

The user friendly My Fruit Roll-Ups site is easy to navigate, fun to use and even lets you take a peek into an animation of what part of the manufacturing process your special fruit roll-ups are in. There are art options, font options, color options and pattern options presented in a way that makes them easy to use. My favorite part is that you aren't committed after trying something the first time, you can keep trying combinations until you hit on the perfect combination of designs and messages.

I ordered my My Fruit Roll-Ups for Boobah's fifth birthday this summer. You could also order them as a special lunch treat with a message to your kids, buy a box to celebrate the end of the sports season, graduation or a change of pace at any special school event.

And now, here is YOUR chance to try it out for FREE!

  1. Click on over to the My Fruit Roll-Up website

  2. Peruse the design options

  3. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite design choice by June 9, noon EST.

  4. I'll pick a winner at random for a free box of your very own My Fruit Roll-Ups


Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

How fun!!!

Ginny said...

I'd love to do the ballet shoe for my daughter & her dance friends!

dolls123 said...

I like the "Go Team" design