Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wild Wild Week

Last week this time I was gearing up for my trip to Ohio to pick up PDQ & Boobah. As it ended up my best friend's new baby was rushed to a medical center out of town so I ended up driving there on my way to Ohio. Wow, even a major city in WV is culture shock after living on the East Coast for 10 years! Everyone had a twang, there were hair cuts I haven't seen (nor wanted to) since 1987! Can you say mullets and hair sprayed for height? It was a good distraction from the business at hand. As it turned out poor little guy had an E Coli infection, very scary stuff. Good news, he got to come home yesterday, much to the relief of his incredibly tired parents!

The girls and I spent the weekend with my folks, sister and nephews. We saw all the other relevant relatives, swam in grandma's pool and made the obligatory trip to the mall. My sister and I ran together on Saturday morning for the first time ever. She is the jock, having rowed in high school and trained for a half marathon but getting pregnant stopped her from actually completing the race. My new found running ability and her being 6 months post-partum made for a fun, comfortable run for both of us. It also made me think I'd love to have a running partner well matched for pace or who would push me just a bit.

Finally it was back home in time for the Brownie end of the year party followed quickly by the beginning of Vacation Bible School at our church. I am the craft lady again this year and was totally unprepared. Thank goodness for the great Power Lab craft kits from Group, good instructions, not much else I needed to buy. Easy Peasy. The kids this year have been fun and good to work with. Bonus, it starts with dinner every night so NO cooking! We will see how that plays at my weigh in today!


Tree said...

I am so relieved your friend's baby is home. Scary.

I am grinning that you and your sis ran together! How cool is that?

Enjoy VBS!

Builder Mama said...

Ooh, I'm glad the baby is home safe and sound. I bet S. was scared to death!

Too cool about your running partner. ;-)