Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can't Live Without It

I have to say I am a slave to individual packages of convenience food. In my house you will find at least 10 snacks in individual packages. I don't have the willpower to eat just one (serving) nor the desire to pack up individual packs for the kids lunches. Its nice to be able to grab something and know I can stop. Its also good to know that I am only giving the kids 100 calories worth of "junk" at lunchtime. Its just not the 100 calorie packs though, I also buy nuts in individual packs to keep in my purse to keep me from eating a candy bar or something from the never ending buffet of leftovers that line the halls at work.

The other thing I could probably live without but might not still be married is our cleaning person. Miss Betty comes and does the stuff that we hate to do every two weeks. Without Betty we'd be at each others throats about whose turn it is to clean the toilet or take out the trash. The best thing about Miss Betty? Unlike most of the commercial services she doesn't require that we clean before she comes. She is an expert piler. Sure, her cleaning would be much better if we get our own mess in order beforehand but its infinitely better than it was before she came. There is nothing like coming home to the smell of a clean house and the ability to see the top of the kitchen table.

I am sure if I thought long and hard enough I could come up with lots of other things I couldn't live without. My husband would probably tell you my Blackberry has become an extension of my hand and my kids would tell you that rarely a day goes by without a G2 but its Sunday night and sleep calls.

If you want to see what others can't live without check out what other people had to say over at Parent Bloggers. If you have time and things to add, write up your own post and be entered in a chance to win a $250 VISA gift card (talk about something I'd like to live WITH). This blog blast is co-hosted by Yoplait Kids (another one of those individually packaged things I LOVE).


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just a girl... said...

I really, really love the baby brussel sprouts individuals in the frozen section. Oh and I cant live without lipgloss.