Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time to 'fess up

The whole diet thing, pretty much down the toilet. Reality has hit, its not tri season any more and I can't keep eating as much as I was. Since moving upstairs at work I have discovered it is a vast wasteland littered with donuts and lunches where there isn't a lettuce leaf in sight. I still fit into my pants but I am afraid it won't be for long. I haven't made it to a Weight Watchers meeting in week. BuilderMama and I were whining to each other and have decided to do the daily--Good, Bad or Ugly check-in. Hopefully that will get me back on track. We are scheduled to run an 8K in about seven weeks. The lighter the easier the run!

On the exercise front there hasn't been too much going on. A trip to the podiatrist ended up with a brand spanking new pair of custom orthotics which are supposed to make my feet feel better. By the time I got those the season's first cough had settled in. I've had one run in them, not as much pain. I need to find really thin socks to help everything fit into my shoes! My feet are huge as it is, just no way I am getting BIGGER shoes!

So, here is to getting back on the exercise and eating right track!

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