Monday, November 10, 2008

It Only FEELS Like I Got Hit By A Truck

I woke up this morning tired. Wow, imagine that. Most mornings I get up, get moving and the feeling soon passes. This morning after much "snoozing" and finally extricating myself from bed I got dressed, got the kids motivated and made it out of the house only about half an hour behind schedule. I called Gman and told him I how I felt and that I hadn't managed to perk up quite yet. I got to work, got a few things done and realized my ankle hurt, my knees too and then there was my head. I promised myself that if I could just make it through my 1:30 meeting I would go home. And home I did go. To nap. I napped from 2:30ish until Gman came home from work. Then I had dinner with the fam and now I am back in the bed. Everything aches a little less after the happy ibuprofen pills but still, mostly like I got hit by a truck.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled reading...

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Gretchen said...

Poor thing! Hope you feel better soon. Some days, the best thing to do is just go back to bed.