Thursday, April 16, 2009

The day the oven died

I ran after work and came home to relax before throwing something together for dinner. Gman started up the grill and I turned on the oven. When I opened it to put a couple of things in it, I noticed it was still cold although it had preheated. I switched it from convection to regular oven and still no HEAT. Hmm, isn't that the whole freaking purpose of the oven?! On to Plan B.

is on the case, promising to try and trouble shoot it tomorrow. Part of me wants to get rid of the bugger and put in a shiny new one, a GAS one but I was hoping when I did that I'd get a whole new kitchen to go with it!


Esmerelda said...

I saw you getting started! You looked awesome in pink!!

Congrats on the new kitchen stuff!

MamaMaven said...

Oh pleeeeeeeeze, it was the run from hell. Sitting in a room all day eating chocolate is NOT conducive to running.

We shall see if new kitchen stuff is necessary or it just takes a little Gman love.

g-man said...

Gimme some Barry White music and a screwdriver.

Builder Mama said...

Wow, I am seriously turned on right now.

g-man said...
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