Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Woohoo Down Three Pounds

I shouldn't be looking at the scale every day. Things go up and down all the time. I was shocked to see today that my loss from last Wednesday was 3 pounds as I've seen numbers almost as low along the way but not on official weigh in day. Total lost 12.2 pounds in 26 days.

Tri training class started this week. Swim class started yesterday, I. am. slow. Too slow for the advanced class but further along technique-wise than the beginners, I put myself in the advanced class to get more work in. This week afterwards I got in a short run, runner's yoga and a little strength training. Sunday, we start the bike and run, its much worse not keeping up on the run than on the swim--not looking forward to it.

Watch out LoserMoms!

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