Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Grown Up Furniture Doesn't Make You A Grown Up

When G-man and I moved in together we had a mishmash of hand me down and put it together yourself furniture--I'd spent 7 years as a residence hall director living in furnished apartments and he'd come out of his divorce with his clothes and his telescope. Over the past seven years we've bought pieces here and there, conversations that went something like--

Me: Oh I love that that beautiful light tan couch
Him: We're having a baby, we need a pattern that won't show throw up

Me: What do you think of this?
Him: I don't think jumping on it will hurt

We moved into our new house and over the past 6 months we've added new things and repurposed the old. For the first time ever we have a dining room, we wanted nice furniture to put into it. Our style we had decided was contempory but not of the stark and cold--more Pottery Barn and we could order something from there but it would cost a THOUSAND dollars to have it shipped. No freaking way, that's like tossing money to the wind! We drove all over the Baltimore area, we searched the web and finally we resorted to a local furniture store where we could build our own table, pick out the legs, the finish, the table top, the apron (who knew?!), and the fabric on the chairs. We plunked down a deposit and started the 8 week wait for it to arrive.

Last Wednesday, after 10 long weeks of waiting the table and chairs arrived. I went down to take a look, we all sat at the table. It was the moment of truth, the bright blue d-ring could finally be removed and the chandelier could hang over the table. G-man pulled out a chair and started to climb up on it, a great vortex was created by my mother and I as we sucked all the air out of the room before we screamed STOP in stereo. He looked at us and said "what?" After recovering I suggested we eat dinner on it that night since there would be 7 of us my mother told us we needed to wait until we got a table pad-not being in any shape to argue, I let it go. I can't believe we have a piece of furniture in our house that we are actually worried about using!


Tree said...

It's beautiful, Heather! Absolutely gorgeous.

With the remodel, we are on the lookout for a real dining room table, as well. I would love to find a place where we could specify all that you did.

g-man said...

Is that not the true measure of a chair, how well one can stand upon it to reach high places? I will miss the empty room, but it is a nice table.

Gretchen said...

Very nice!

Builder Mama said...

Love the furniture!

My mission in the last 10 years has been to get rid of every stick of furniture that Joey owned prior to us getting married. I'm down to one nasty-ass recliner and am virtually foaming at the mouth to get rid of it.

And the climbing on the chair thing? Totally something Joey would do. And my mother would also admonish me to get a table pad. *sigh*